The 9:30 Mass is a family Mass with an engaging children’s liturgies and lively music.  Those who come are encouraged to get involved and to grow as a welcoming and friendly community as part of  a self-organising Mass.  It’s hard to practice with young children. We try to arrive early and sometimes we practice in the week. The songs we are going to sing generally have videos so parents can rehearse at home in their own time. Here are some useful links


Click here for more info, including readings and videos of upcoming hymns on our google doc is a website of mine which gives useful links, searches and information on all things catholic, including the liturgy.

Family Mass

The last Sunday of each month apart from July, August and December will be a special Family Mass.

  • There will be no separate children’s liturgy
  • Mass will be shorter, ending with refreshments at 10:15
  • There will be no streaming as children will be visible.
  • The altar will be placed centrally on the top step/platform
  • The credence table will be situated beneath the statue of St Alban
  • The chairs for priest and deacon will be placed on the lower platform, but in front of the altar
  • The children will be invited forward to sit on the carpet after the opening prayer
  • A child will read the first reading (taken from children’s lectionary)
  • There will be no psalm or second reading
  • Gospel acclamation alleluias will be sung but a child will read the words
  • The gospel will be taken from the children’s lectionary
  • The celebrant will deliver the homily from the front / interacting with the children
  • After the homily we will profess the creed using the question and answer version used for baptisms/Easter Vigil
  • After the creed there are no intercessions – we go straight into the offertory and preparation of the gifts
  • There will be an offertory procession
  • We will use eucharistic prayer II or, if the celebrant prefers, one of the eucharistic prayers for children
  • The children will remain on the platform until the sign of peace – sending them back to their seats to share the peace with their families
  • Thereafter the order of mass continues as usual


It would be great to have help:

  • setting up equipment and clearing up afterwards
  • balancing the sound – telling us if anything is too loud or too quiet


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