Peter Berners-Lee’s book Uncertainty and Meaning, is now available on Amazon

It’s a simple guide to quantum physics, the nature of reality and the challenge from AI.
Quantum physics is astonishing, but it isn’t bonkers. It is challenging, but this book will help you to grasp its essence. This requires a step out of the familiar and into the new. Take that step – it will be hugely rewarding because reality is everybody’s business since we all search for meaning. 

  • Grasp the essence of quantum physics.
  • Understand what it all means.
  • Appreciate the challenge from AI.
  • Lots of diagrams.
  • Simple, cheap experiments.
  • Brief but clear explanations

Virtually Mathematics Free

Maybe you are curious about the big questions of quantum physics but don’t want to get lost in a lot of mathematics. Maybe you have studied physics but felt frustrated by a “shut up and calculate” approach. Either way, this book was written for you. It will not make a difficult subject really easy. It will still be demanding. This book nevertheless presents a way of thinking about quantum physics which is relatively accessible.

Is this book for you?
This book aims to be as accessible as possible, without avoiding the issues. It is aimed at anyone interested in the subject and should benefit anyone studying quantum physics . Reviewers with no background in physics have enjoyed this book. Quantum physics can never be an easy subject, but this book presents a great way to understand it. 

The AI Challenge
The cloud, AI and quantum computing arise out of quantum physics and challenge humanity. This book explains these technologies, why their combination is challenging and what we can do about it.

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